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Patrick Roth

Penalizing the drivers is nothing but a broken record.  This argument has been around for a long time and it obviously hasn’t worked.  If you think that you can just convince race officials to crack down on people and it will fix it than don’t hold your breath.  I’m not saying that strict race officiating can’t work and become a deterrent but the human side of it is hard to deal with.  For example, if I wanted to work as a race official (corner worker, director, tech inspector, etc) to earn a few extra bucks, all it would take is one pissed off racer or parent in my face arguing about my call to say screw this, it ain’t worth it.  You know what kills a race day for me?  Watching some jerk yell, kick, and scream at someone who is trying to uphold the integrity of our sport.

When I was young I was big into baseball and was fortunate to be skilled enough to be recruited to play on some highly competitive summer teams.  My father was very proud of me as he loved watching me play and beam when other parents said I made a good play or commented on how skilled I was.  Of all the good or game winning plays that I made, I will never forget the one game where we were in a tournament and our team was on the verge of elimination despite being touted as the favorite to dominate and win it all.  A play happened and in the process I clearly threw out a runner going to third base.  The umpire called the runner safe and I proceeded to be a jerk and yell at the umpire and even threw my helmet (I was a catcher) on the ground.  I expected my father to agree with me that the umpire made a bad call and my actions were justified…  I had never seen my father more disappointed in me…  I didn’t get a scolding, rather I got a reminder to respect the game and its faults.  The point of this is that I did this as a kid and my father corrected me but in karting today, I see too many “adults” acting in this manner.

The drop down bumper gets rid of a large part of the officiating element and puts the responsibility on us racers.