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Daryle Redlin

I agree with you TJ but you don’t have to watch all 40 drivers, all the time. From my experience, watching and racing, over the years is that its usually the same group that causes the problems. Once you start cracking down other drivers will realize that you cant drive like an animal anymore and the racing will get better. As the racing cleans up the rough drivers will stand out and they can be dealt with. Currently its a complete ” free for all”. Watch some of the Supernats videos, some of the passes were very risky, way to risky. Just because you got away with it doesn’t mean it was fair racing. If the current generation of kart racers think that they can drive like that when they move up into real race cars they are sadly mistaken. Even if you have a huge wallet teams don’t want to be constantly repairing race cars. They want to finish races and to do that you need to learn when and how to pass correctly. I’m sure the drop down bumpers will really piss off the drivers that like to use their competitors as brakes. Should be a very interesting year, of course we wouldn’t need any of this if the series that run the races actually made it a priority to enforce clean driving.