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Tim Koyen

The push back nosecone will be a good thing for top level karting in the US.  The driving standards are driving far more people away from those events, than the potential for a misplaced penalty ever will.

Btw..if someone brakes checks you and knocks your bumper loose, then you have no reason not to pay them back in the next corner.  They know that, and you know that, so that should solve that dilemma.

Based on the feedback from people who have actually used this system in top level racing, it forces the drivers to give each other a lot more respect, and that is something that is sorely lacking today.

If you race USPKS, you will like this change, and you’ll be asking SKUSA, WKA, Rotax, Rok Cup, Winter Tour, Fall Tour, Summer Tour, Senior Tour, NASCAR, NHRA, Route 66 (they’re already going to do it), the PGA, NFL, TeaCup, and whatever other series suits your fancy, to implement it as well.

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