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Mark Traylor

yes, I agree on the class structure and I am not talking about 3 years in a single class before moving to big races, but more along the lines of a brand new racer being pulled into nationals with only a few local level races done. All kids develop at different paces. Mine was a longer road but I am grateful that he has had the time to learn to drive well and not just out of fearlessness and aggression. As far as kid kart nationals go don’t get me started on that train. as far as seasons go, we ran only half a dozen races in mini in 2016, the rest were run in our club’s more competitive 206 cadet program (20 races a year). 2017 will be our only full season in mini swift. I know a lot of people wont agree with me and that is the way it is. Think of this, why do people want to go to regional and national races? Typically the answer is the large competitive field. What if you had that large field every week at your club? It can happen and it used to be that way. When there wasn’t 30+ dates a year for national races you just raced at home and tracks nearby with a couple big nationals a year.