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Patrick Roth


The purpose of the bodywork is to make it safer and I would have a hard time believing that it did otherwise.  You’re spot on with it going to the other extreme but accidents/mistakes happen and the last thing I want is to ride up on someones wheel because of my own error.


+1 in the good parenting department…  There are a lot of good parents with great kids in the sport!  I think the larger issue lies with the older racers (older meaning typically >18 years of age) and the various supporting “adults” (parents themselves, tuners, driving coaches, mechanics, etc).  Rather than accept whatever happened (or at least approach a disagreement with the possibility that they are wrong or an actual mistake might have been made), they fly off the handle and start yelling and screaming at race directors, tech inspectors, series organizers and workers, volunteers, etc.  The “I’m going to take my toys and go home” crap really needs to stop…

Sorry for getting on my soap box on this one but the sport loses it’s luster when you see so much of this.  I feel bad for those people that put their heart and soul into trying to make this sport better only to have it spit on by some of its own constituents.