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Patrick Roth

If brake checking (or purposeful maneuver to dislodge the bumper) is a legitimate and respected method of racing than this sport is not for me.  If bad luck from incidental contact is worth elevated blood pressure and fighting than might I suggest this sport is not for you.

I get it, we are all competitive but a lot of this debate seems ridiculous and frankly it’s sounds like poor sportsmanship.  If you can’t accept that someone made a mistake and you got caught up in it than you are not the type of racer I want to be around.  Would I be happy about getting a penalty for someone else’s mistake?  Of course not, but I understand that things happen that are out of my control.  Gary’s reference to higher level open wheel racing makes a point that I am adamant about in that we shouldn’t expect to race without consequences whether it be intentional or not.  When Mercedes calls me to fill Rosberg’s open seat, I am not going to go in there thinking that I should be able continue a race like nothing happened after my front wing received damage from another racer coming over on me during the start.

While most people that know me see my temperament as calm, patient, and a very clean racer, I’m with Gary in that if someone purposefully brake checked me than you better plan on being pushed straight off the track.  I’d do the same for blocking…

If I miss a gear and feel a bump from behind than the first thing I do after the race is to try and locate the person and apologize for my mistake.  Or if the person comes to me pissed off than I’m also going to apologize for my mistake.  If you can’t appreciate/accept an apology from someone who made a mistake than good luck with that in life.  I actually saw an instance where a younger driver made a mistake and hit a seasoned veteran.  The younger driver found the seasoned driver after the race to apologize and the veteran went off.  Maybe I’m in the minority but the younger driver was the bigger “man” in the situation…