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vince mandarino

Rob. lets make sure people understand that is not sign of damage that will get a driver penalized but the front bumper needs to come off is fixed position you can bump someone and be lucky enough that the bumper stay fixed you will not receive a penalty a form of advantage in a way cause for a penalty to exist a driver front bumper needs to come off until then no one can be penalised despite contact. there are also talks out there that the huge Tony Kart front bumper might not be legal for competition in 2017 due testing CIK has conducted and deemed that with a good amount of force was not disengaging will wait and see what the final ruling will be.  many drivers in Europe have complained about the dropping front bumper but CIK has decided to stick with it my experience with it and what I have seen and heard is that driving is a lot cleaner distances are been respected and driver are more caution when making passes , so the big picture on that is good I think that north American Drivers like clean passes and clean driving euros normally are much more aggressive this has somewhat changed for them so I feel that the new front bumper will be a good idea. one other aspect of this is also getting our drivers here get accustom to it.