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Jeremy Baldi

Aero plays huge part.  Along with karting I also do quite a bit of road cycling.  Aerodynamics is a huge part of that industry and bikes only go 20-30mph.  Now your power output is much lower than a kart but still aero is very important.  They say anything over 15mph 80 percentage of your pedaling power is just going to penetrate through the air.  So on a kart I would agree with Brian that anything over 55-60mph aero will play large roll.

On my laydown shifter I have made small changes to body work and found it has changed top speed by 4-5mph and changed lap times by 2-3 secs. Heck one time a gopro placed in a bad place cost 3 mph and 1 sec in lap time.

There was a Jay Leno garage episode were they ran a tag kart on a sprint track with and without body work and I don’t remember exactly but I believe they lost over a second on like a 40 sec lap.

I would except at Daytona in a yamaha laydown you would see a difference of 10 plus mph and 10 plus secs.


Jeremy Baldi