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TJ Koyen

We tested the Rok DVS (essentially the OK engine) at USPKS South Bend in ’15. Awesome engine, so much fun to drive and they seem like a a solid reliable engine from what I hear from Europe. They are a big hit compared to KF with the drivers.

I would love to have a pro-level class for it here, but the interest was never high enough from what I understand. At a national level, you really need 10-15 karts guaranteed every event to make the class worthwhile. That’s asking a lot from teams to invest in an engine they can only run 5 times a year in one series against 10 guys.

Which is a shame because like I said, it’s an awesome engine to drive. Ballistic-fast, good powerband, direct-drive… It made the front straight at South Bend seem about 20 feet long. And the throttle was barely touchable through the esses.

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