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Greg Pierson

In SKUSA, you can put up a certain amount of money (generally about $500 more than the cost of a new engine) to take (claim) another competitors engine. You fill out a form and put up the cash before the final race of an event, and when the competitor comes off the track tech facilitates the transfer.

When engines aren’t sealed by the factory like they are in L206, engine builders seal them and racers can spend thousands looking for a few tenths of a horsepower. Claiming rules help keep this to a minimum.

Here’s the actual rule for MiniSwift, the class being ‘discussed’ here.

“Claiming: Any competitor may claim an engine entered in the event subject to the following conditions: Claimant must be entered in the race and have participated in at least two events in the class during the calendar year. For the first race of the year, participation in the last race of previous year will meet this requirement. Claimed engine must have cleared Technical Inspection for the event. It is not implied or a guarantee the claimed engine is legal or will pass future technical inspections — “let the buyer beware” engines are claimed as is. Claimant must provide certified funds or cash in the amount of $2500 USD. Claimed engine will be delivered to the Claimant under the supervision of the event Technical Director and Race Director at the end of the event. Claimed engine will be complete, less engine mount and chain/clutch cover.”