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Greg Pierson

RE “DIEGO LAROQUE POOR SPORT AWARD” post by ‘racing mom’

Using the name of a 10-year-old boy in a negative post on a public forum is inappropriate and just plain wrong!

And anyone that would suggest Diego or his dad Aaron are poor sports obviously doesn’t know them.

Here’s the content of the post …

“If you can’t beat em, buy em! Racing mom has learned that Diego Laroque’s dad has just CLAIMED Reece Gold’s motor at the Supernats. Everyone knows although SKUSA is a claiming race, it’s an unwritten rule that this JUST ISN’T DONE. If your child can’t win with his equipment, buying someone else’s isn’t going to help! No problem with Diego here, I’m sure he doesn’t even know his daddy is trying to buy him a podium. By the way, I’m not Reece’s mom, just a racing mom trying to keep it real. SHAME ON YOU MR. LAROQUE!”

What’s going on here seems pretty simple to me. After qualifying 5th overall and going on to win all three of his heat races (simply a phenomenal performance), Reece Gold started the main on pole. For whatever reason, Reece ended up finishing 15th. I don’t know why as I was preoccupied watching my own kid struggle. Missed setup, mechanical issue, racing incident, the pressure got to a young driver … Whatever the cause, you were super disappointed. Fine. Who wouldn’t have been? And then to add insult to injury, the dad of a kid that finishes ahead of you claims your engine. I get it. But this is absolutely no excuse to create an account on ekartingnews to post this or ask someone else to do it for you. If you don’t already, I suspect you will regret doing this and hopefully you’ll give Aaron a call to apologize.

Reece, you’re a great driver and I’m sorry the final results on Super Sunday didn’t reflect that. Keep your head up.

Diego, You’re a great driver, a great kid and a good sport. Try to ignore what others say that don’t know you.

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