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Patrick Roth

1)  Drop down bumpers – It won’t be easy and it’s not fool proof but I’m pretty sure the status quo isn’t working very well.  Many aggressive moves are made because there are no repercussions… well, give us repercussions.  I despise rolling starts because of the bumping and the carnage that typically happens.  I can only assume that a drop down bumper is going to force us to give each other space which, maybe I’m wrong, sounds like a good thing…

2)  Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate – There are too many organizations, engine options, and classes.  The sport just isn’t big enough and it continues to cannibalize itself with every new flavor of the month that is added.  Personally, I think the best thing that could happen is for the larger organizations to sit down and really hash out a good long term strategy for the sport at both a local and national level.  If something doesn’t change it will continue to cycle as it always has with the winners, losers, comers, and goers…

3)  Respect – Much like our most recent presidential election, I see way too many racers/teams disrespecting each other, the officials, and the event organizers.  This “I’m going to take my toys and go home” attitude is sickening when someone doesn’t agree with a rule, an official’s decision, the way an event is run, etc.  Not sure how you change this but maybe someone will read this and the next time something doesn’t go their way they will remind themselves that this is karting and its supposed to be fun.