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Mark Traylor

I also know that Alan Rudolph’s engine was claimed at Texas PKC also. I have never had one claimed but it would’nt bother me I would just go buy another one. I don’t have a large engine development program so I would not be out anything. I think the claim needs to used more often, just to let people know that it is ok to use the rule otherwise there is no reason to have the rule. Any “unwritten rule” just undermines what SKUSA is trying to accomplish with having the rule.

Calling into question Diego LaRoque’s sportsmanship or character is ridiculous and just shows you do not know these people. Aaron and I have had our differences but he runs a hell of a race program with a hell of a driver on less money than a lot of people out there. (I don’t know his budget but I know what he does for a living and it isn’t like he is independently wealthy).

people need to use their names and show some transparency