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Brad Nyman

like greg said, choosing only 3 is impossible, but ill try…

1.   I’d like to see more of a ladder present through out karting, and not a karts to cars ladder. More of a system to go from club to national, as well a ladder from simple classes like briggs all the way to KZ. I’ve always thought a licensing system would work that kept track what you race and how well you did. The better you did in regionals, the higher you can race up the ladder.

2.   less nationals, and more club/state level events. let clubs be the base, followed by a club ran state race. Then regionals, which should be just one series of 3-5 races per region. Make it so there is actually a goal to move up, but you have to get there on talent, not money. finally, a national level with only 4 rounds, kinda like skusa ProTour, one round per season.

3.    No more importers/distributers running things!!! keep all the classes the same across the country, use the same rules and make it so you can race coast to coast with out a single change in whats needed. With no distributers running things, we can get rid or these spec classes and move more to a CIK style rule book. Imagine 5-10 engine manufacturers that all make an engine that is within a tenth of each other. competition wouldn’t only be good on track, but the engines and parts would have to be priced competitively to keep sales up. only tires would be spec, but on a 4 year tender and on a class by class basis.


I half jokingly wrote a fictional rule book a year ago with what i think would be ideal, and as the year went on, it has started to look better and better. if only the sport can come together as a whole and look at the big picture, instead of looking at what will happen in a few months. Karting should be a sport unto itself and not a stepping stone. Clubs should have 200+ drivers and nationals only the best 60 or so from each class total, not the other way around.

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