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Craig Drabik

I can see how consolidating NJSS, LIKA, and F-Series makes sense if you’re located around NYC or in NJ.  This year with the F-Series the schedule got a little funny when  the St Lawrence round had to be moved to NJMP and half the series wound up being run in New Jersey.  For me, coming from Buffalo and competing in the F-Series, I’m not going to make that 8 hour haul and pay for hotels to just race E-Town and NJMP over and over.

Travel is expensive, so for me I wish there were more facilities at the level of GoPro and Pitt that could handle series the size of the nationals distributed around the country.  Then the regionals would stay regional and you might have a shot at a national series/national champion scheme.  The country is too big and transportation costs get too high for most anyone to compete.

I only ran the F-Series this year.  I didn’t do a single club race.  Yeah I can run old tires and whatnot, but running old tires means I have junk to practice on or have to buy an extra set of tires, plus time on the engines leading to more rebuilds.  The cost just adds up too quickly.