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Dan Schlosser

You are right Dan, but the problem isn’t that new series keep popping up, its that too many people are cherry picking the easy series to be the next “national champion”. Champion of what? Some of these series have an average of less than 10 entries per class. Parents all want their kids to win big trophies. Make enough series so that everyone can be a winner! Can you blame the series for trying to fill the need? If the parents came to their senses, and participated in a few top level series so they could legitimately lay a claim to being the best, then these little specialty series would drizzle out. As long as people are willing to pay for their own game, the games will exist. And as long as shops are willing to take the money of the parents who want their own game, the series will exist and the shops will follow. The shops are no less at fault here than the series. They are just filling the need that the parents create. And let’s be honest here, its the parents. Everyone knows that the kids comprise the lion’s share of things these days. No sane person would spend the kind of money on themselves to race karts that some of these parents do. When my kid was small, all we wanted to do was race against the best. Things have changed.

Yes I do blame the series entirely Tim. Racers do not magically just find the funding to do another series because there is another series. Money is the finite resource in the equation, not race dates.

I also disagree completely that this is about parents chasing trophies. I have yet to meet a single parent outside of Kid Karts that doesn’t want consolidation of series and more people running together rather than having series with 60% fields.

I also find it very difficult to blame the teams as well. The few of us that are left (actually I’m not even included in that “us” any longer) work like jackasses to make a living because now we have twice as much travel, twice as many hotel rooms, twice as many labor hours, twice as much fuel, twice as much time away from family/shop/club racing – all in order to make 20% more money.

It’s just stupid, sorry.