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Mark made a good point there.

When it all comes down to money, there might be a few people up above in the national level, promoters, sponsors, organizers, CEO’s Tires that delaminate and come apart, etc. That may not like the change, especially when this could be a pay cut in their checkbooks, or this may dig inside their pockets.

But overall I think Mark is right. There should be a structural latter to be climbed, and another important point, There should only be one big yearly event or 2 at the most. Every sport has a very important event.

You only have one Indy 500, one Daytona 500, one 24 hrs of LeMans, one 24 Hrs of Daytona, one World wide Olympics. Having said this It would give teams and drivers a whole year to prepare for the ultimate yearly big event.

Another thing that would be very good for the sport is TV, just like Moto cross, Moto GP, Auto racing, sports fishing, speed boating, etc. I’m not talking about some stream drama TV stuff, I’m talking about the people above in the sport could gather together with engine manufacturers, tires, Lubricants and oils, radiator companies, chassis companies, etc could all get involved to take their products to the next level and invest more, rather than only relying solely on the driver’s money. Now that would be a good start, and get all these CEO’s to actually shake some trees for the good of the sport, and get some TV time, financially invest for the future, not just make a good living out of the sport.