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Ian Krueger

oh wow, thanks john. Yeah i’ve never run a reedjet before so I’d imagine they are a bit more expensive to rebuild.

Yeah i have seen the Komet’s around and yes we use the WB3a carbs as well so that will be nice.

The main problem I’d face is the fact that I’d need about 150lbs of ballast to make weight with a reed pair, which would be very terrible to balance, and wouldbe even worse news if i got in a crash. I’m not going for competitiveness, but I think with the lower weight and the Komet set up that might work. Like I said it’s kind of a crappy excuse but since i’m so short yeah it’s very challenging to make 360 for my sprint class, let alone 465 for the reedjet B stock lol.


Thanks for the suggestions John!

WKA sprint