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Kelly Read

Being one involved with Lynn and Gary on this project from when Lynn first contacted me for input, let me clarify something. It’s mainly the TAG motors low stall speed their trying to figure out not the other motors. As for 4-cycles and being experienced with 4 cycles, I can’t see running ANY axle clutch on a 4-cycle in my mind (Just saying). As I told both of them, with the TAG motors having a 6,000 (SR), 7,000 (JR) RPM maximum engagement by the rules, this clutch would need to fit these applications before it was allowed in the TAG classes (for sure in KART). NO, I am not in favor of changing the clutch engagement rule mainly due to that the current MFG’s of the engine clutches are set up that way now. Gary said that this will take some work but feels they can figure it out. This I don’t doubt as these guys have done a SUPER job in the past with both axle & engine clutches. Why not open the market??

This clutch will be wide (4 1/2″) due to the size of bearings needed to make a clutch to fit from 1 1/4″ – 50mm vs the old one that went from 1″ – 30mm. I don’t see a issue here as for the karts I seen, there is room between the bearing hanger and wheel for it unless you run your wheel in real tight. You can bet for sure that when this does come available, it will be first class and work!!!

I know that I for one am very interested in seeing this come out especially now that Lindsay is going to TAG (sit-up). From experience when she drove for some people along with when Brad had his Tag, I spent enough money on engine clutches to keep under the MAX RPM per the rules to pay for more than one of these.  Having the ability to make an adjustment on the kart vs installing a new friction hub and possibly even a new drum to be legal, sure will make it more feasible in the long run. I don’t know how many times I have been on the starting line and heard karts leave that were over the MAX stall speed!!! With this, WE have no excuses why we are over the max engagement. I believe (HOPE) that when they do figure out how to get the low engagement needed for a TAG motor, ALL organizations will allow a axle clutch in their TAG classes. Currently, KART allows axle clutches in all classes but 4-cycle & TAG that could possibly run one. I’m hoping this changes after this new clutch comes out and is proven to work with the current rules.