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Nik Goodfellow

Specifically talking about sprint racing –

If you want to sell internationally, you are fairly limited as composites can only be used in certain locations;

“CIK-FIA Technical Regulations

2.1.7 Composite Parts All parts made from composite material are forbidden on the kart, except for the seat, the floor, the chain guard and the rear brake disc protective pad.”

Rules in the US are somewhat more free but different for each series and in some case the series will ban a device as soon as they see them (for example SKUSA banning aero wheel covers).

So you will probably want to look into non-performance enhancing devices, like chain guards, datalogger mounts, chassis protectors, engine mounts(?) etc.

Some already exist;


I would personally like to see a well thought out seat application by someone who knows composites rather then someone who is from karting. Or tuning bars with flexibility in one plane but not the other.