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Charles Kaneb

If your parts are of good enough quality, performance, and price, and you can deliver on time, you’ll amortize your molds faster by being an original-equipment supplier than by selling them by ones and twos. Call Keith at Margay in St. Louis, Missouri.

Off the top of my head:

1) If you’ve got the stones for it, a mechanical rear brake system using a pair of CFRP levers and the clutch cable from a passenger car would be a welcome improvement over the leaky hydraulic systems we use now. Hydraulics’ advantage is in equalization of pressure across multiple points in the system, which isn’t as much of an issue with one brake.

2) CFRP seats that are made-to-measure and last several times as long as ‘glass ones would go for a premium price. Adjustability through steel plates laminated into the carbon would help avoid the drilling of extra holes. That would be a good application if your company is good at short production runs or custom parts.

3) A carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic front bumper that absorbed a LOT of energy in a frontal impact by completely disintegrating would be welcomed by both sanctioning bodies and insurance companies, especially if you were able to get the price well down through mass production.