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David Cole

Hi Tim,

Here is our report from Thursday’s action. Currently watching what Team USA is doing today. They have about nine more heat races overall before the day is completed.

That video in our report was crazy. It is a world championship for IAME drivers, with a lot on the line. Especially when each driver is racing in seven heat races, every point matters.

Here is a quote from the producer of the video, a photographer from Europe:

They were making the drivers remove their nose cones in the paddock before entering the holding pen. They then made them refit them before letting them in. This resulted in a queue outside the holding pen. The drivers inside were then delayed while they scanned tyres and checked the width of the rear of the karts.

The buzzer went for closing the dummy grid gate and the guy at that gate didn’t realise there was a backlog so closed the gate. 17 drivers outside the gate couldn’t take to the track.

13 drivers took to the track and went on the formation lap. The remaining drivers made their way to the dummy grid and tried to take to the track and the mechanics of drivers already on the track blocked the grid exit. The race was then red flagged while the fight took place. They removed the karts to park ferme and then restarted the race with the 13 karts plus two than managed to make it to the track.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor