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Ambrose Buldo

I know this is Dan’s thread and it was started to talk about seat stiffness and it’s effect on handling. I kind of tagged on as we run the same Brand/Model Kart and in the off-season I too and going to switch over to the Ribtect XL Seat (Or Deepseat). I am very interested in seeing how Dan does, as it may help me when I make the switch.

Now that I have fresh tires on the Kart, now that it is re-aligned, now that I have reset everything to dealer spec, I have a solid baseline time (Almost equal to my fastest time). As I run the tires I pick up over-steer at the APEX, going to try to address that with my outing on Friday. After my baseline laps, I plan to switch over to new short hubs (75MM) from 115MM and continue to make one change at a time to see cause effect.

Thank you all for your input, it is appreciated.