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Andrew Coulter

Agree with the comments above. It’s to the point that many participants do not willingly leave karting, more as karting drives them out of karting. Too many individuals/businesses trying to push the latest and greatest package, series, etc. down the karters throat for personal gain. It may be in their eyes, the best idea for the sport, but it continues to segment the sport. After personally spending a lot of time in the TAG class, i refuse to go out and buy a new X30 so it can be a paperweight in another couple years as well.

If I were to get back into the sport on a regular basis i would consider KT100 or L206 as they seem to be the most stable classes over time in the midwest. It’s not as fun as having the HP of TAG engine, but i would still choose the class with more entries and the closer more economical engines. How many different TAG engines are laying around garages across the US since 2000? It’s kind of sad to think about as that many more engines could be at the track on weekends. As far as the robopong goes.. i would think the entry numbers would be there in the L206 class. I don’t know enough about them to be able to say if they are reliable enough to run the distance of the robopong…

Just my two sense..