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Craig Drabik

Ambrose, just for grins on a practice day, I’d throw a softer axle in if you have one and see what happens.  If you’re over-gripped in the back you’ll overcompensate by turning in too much or too hard, causing the back to kick out when the fronts do eventually bite.  It’s hard to tell from your camera mounting position if that’s the case in the E-town video.  That place is bumpy as hell all the way around, and that can unsettle a stiff kart as well.  Try taking caster out and see what happens.  If you’re running Rotax on Mojos those are going to have a lot less grip than the yellows.  Either way, any tire with a half season of tag on them are going to be shot and not much good for figuring out your handling issues.

Dan – I’d recommend higher front ride height and lower rear.  Move spacers under the spindle in front, and raise the axle relative to the chassis in the back.  That’ll shift the weight balance rearward and let you test whether or not you have too much front weight.  The MGs can be a little sensitive to tire pressure but I stand by 10psi as a starting point for your weight.  They won’t suck at 10psi and should handle consistently enough for you to try to sort out your chassis.  Same advise as for Ambrose – if you’ve gone a long way towards adding rear grip with a hard axle and narrow rear track then you may be overgripped in back and overcompensating at the front, which will cause oversteer when the front tires bite.

On practice days don’t be afraid to throw big changes at the kart – just make them one at a time, check your fastest lap but also consistency of laps, and write down your feedback.