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Ambrose Buldo

Craig – Your feedback on the MG Yellow Tire Life expantancey is appreciated. If wearing one of tires in 3 lapping days is typicially, that’s OK. For practice, I may just rotate them side to side to try to help the budget a bit. I run these tires verses the more common MOJO’s specificially for the occasionial F-Seris/GearUp Race.

As per the video I posted above, in my view on fresh tires the ikart handles pretty well.

Just to show the difference, see video below, same setup, different track (Englishtown NJ), but worn tires. You can see what I believe is “Push/Kick” requiring a corner exit correction at every corner. These tires were a 1/2 season old so fully understandable that kart would not handle well. It is painful to watch, it is a night and day difference between this and video I posted above.


Just like Dan made the switch, I too would like to move to RibTect of Deepseat in the off-season.