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Dan Brown

Craig, thanks for the response. The ikart tunes so differently from all our other karts. Both of our Margays and my CRG are tight at Avon, the ikart is crazy loose. I am around 4 seconds off the pace, it is so loose. I am using Gary’s front end setup now, and it feels great on corner entrance but the apex off loose condition is always there. Front ride height on this kart is almost unadjustable, because if I drop the front end down from all the way up even 1 spacer the nose hits the track, at Avon it hits in the hairpin. In April I rented the track for a day to practice for the AKRA event, and I destroyed a brand new Buru nose when it hit the track in the hairpin after dropping the front end down 2 spacers. If I increase rear tire pressure to anything above 11 lbs hot, it is undriveable it is so loose. I usually start at 9 right, 9.5 left and then check after they are at temp and adjust. On Vega Blues I  start at 8.5 on the right. Gary and John Martin both agreed that the ikart loves rear weight, and running rear percentages around 65% seems to work the best. The chassis has an insane amount of front end grip, just point it wherever you want the front end will go there with no complaints. When I get the rear end to stick and follow along with the front I am going to love this kart. Gary was able to get his dialed in and was extremely fast, and I watched Sage Karam put on a show in one, he was untouchable he was so smooth. As far as lift at Avon, I get a great lift on entrance, but when the rear tire washes out the inside tire drops quickly. When that happens the result is usually a push/kick. I think it would be extremely hard to get the kart so tight that the front end pushed much at all. The front grip exceeds the rear grip so the usual result is the rear snapping loose. I may move the seat back  one more time, trying to get it around 65% like John recommended.