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Ambrose Buldo

Dan –

Re-aligned the Kart & loaded up last night. Went back to dealer recommended front end set-up (Below) as that proved fast on fresh tires. not too different then what I had. Settled on:
– Toe 0
– Neg Camber 2 Deg
– Caster – Neutral (5mm Hex)
– 1.5 Spacers Front width
– 3 washers (Bottom) Frt Ride Height

Hope you can make it tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be great. I would really like to see how I fit in your Ribtect XLT Seat, as I am considering the NON T Version for installation during the winter. Just love the feel, fit, shape, comfort and durability of those seats. Had one on my Intrepid.

My trailer is near pit out, White 16 footer with a #27 on the side. Will be ready to hit the track as soon as I can get someone to mount those new rear tires. I will be there by 10AM.