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Dan Brown

Ambrose, thanks for replying. We have been down to OVRP once this season, as well as Cherry Valley and Avon half a dozen times and even got a practice day in up at St.Lawrence Motorsports Park. I am thinking what we are experiencing is just an unwanted condition built into the ikart. I have spoken with several drivers who have run them on these same tracks, and it is a common response to hear that the steering feels extremely heavy and the rear end is consistently loose.  I removed some of the Ackerman  and caster, as well as going to zero toe and that lightened the steering up a lot, it feels much better but still not exactly to my liking. The T5 rear axle setup with the long hubs and dual struts seems has given me the best results in the rear so far, but I am looking for a lot more rear grip. I watched your video and it looks really familiar! Because of the constant oversteer on exits and you having to countersteer at every corner, it throws the entrance to the next corner off. Instead of concentrating on hitting my marks and trying to set up a pass in a corner, I am just trying to get through the corner with the least amount of lost time. I will readily admit I am not a finesse driver, it isn’t my style. I am more of a bulldozer kinda guy lol! I don’t race dirty and try to avoid contact with other karts always, but I like to get out of the groove and use the whole track to make a pass. I hate having a limited race line that I have to tiptoe on to get around a track. To me, that isn’t racing the competitors, it’s racing the track and that isn’t what I am looking for . The ikart performed the best for me at St.Lawrence, but that is a high speed track with sweeping corners and not nearly as tight and technical as the other 3 tracks. The heavier steering actually felt great, it helped stabilize the kart at the higher speeds while my CRG seemed to dart around more.

The reason I thought maybe I am overloading the outside rear tire is partly the same as you said, I destroy that tire long before the other 3.  Also I ran at Cherry Valley about a month ago and during the first heat the kart was driving the best it ever had. I had on a brand news set of MG Yellows and was running real good lap times, within a few tenths of the leaders which is great for me. I kept getting slower every lap, and the kart seemed to get sluggish on acceleration. When I pulled in the pits I realized I had slid the rear axle 1 1/2″ to the left. The kart turned fantastic to the right with the extra width on the left side. I installed axle collars to help prevent it , and the first time back on the track was last weekend, running the same MG’s. After about 30 laps the right rear was junk again, and the oversteer got worse every lap. The pic I posted was taken on the day the axle slid, that pic is in the start of the right hander where the kart actually handles really good.