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Ambrose Buldo

I run an iKart with Rotax at OVRP. I also run the MG Yellow. I am disappointed that I can only get 3 days out of a set of MG Yellows. The RR (Out Side Tire) gets worn down to cords. The other 3 tires are in good shape. When the tire is worn, kart gets massive oversteer. This is the second consecutive set of new yellows where I have destroyed the RR.

At 205 with a Tillet XL, I run similar setup.
8.5 PSI cold
T-5 Axle
54-5/8 Rear width
Toe 0.5 mm in
Caster neutral
Camber 1 mm positive
Front width 1.5 spacers
Seat 25″ from frt tube
105 MM Med Log AU Hubs
Bar Tight, rear bumper loose, front bumper tight

Below is a video of my best lap in slowmo.


Any feedback? There is a little corner exit over-steer in left handrs.

I find the ikart steering to be excessively Heavy, may consider tying your front end setup.

For comfort issues I plan on switching to a Ribtect or a Deepseat. Intrested in seeing how it works out for you.