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Dan Brown


I will try it, thank you. I am starting to think that I may have gone too far with stiffening the rear axle, moving the seat back, longer hubs etc. I think I may be overloading the outside rear tire, asking more out of it than it is able to give. I have noticed that I am getting a very short life out of the rears, and that they show some coning on the inside corners.  I tried something today that I am not sure has been tried on an ikart yet. I welded in two pieces of 32mm tubing and added a rear clamp in flat bar off my CRG Kali. On the CRG in the vertical position it binds the chassis up tight, but when I clamped it in the ikart it basically does nothing. No matter if it’s in flat  or vertical it feels basically the same, maybe a touch worse.Here is a pic of me at speed heading into a right hander, it feels perfect here, but apex out it just gives up any and all rear grip.