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Robert Lawson

Hey Guys,


Been working through this October gig. Have a list of 15 or so but almost 1/2 are not 100% and 20 is going to be the magic number (@ $150 ea.). We can go with less but it will cost more per driver. Its really up to Y’all.


On another note, I spoke to WGI today about cutting some laps. They worked it out with me to get it done, but, it has to be performed with a pace car keeping top speed down. :/

If I can set this up in the same trip with the other facilities we are looking into testing I’d do it. Just to be sure its a viable option. They did repave, professionally I was told ( :)! ), with no seams or transitions. I had to chuckle, and explain that even a paint stripe can be felt in a kart!

So, along with working on a day at Grattan I’m trying to settle and schedule all these evaluations at a few different Circuits.  Gettting a handle on the Insurance for events and this eval/testing, also working out a schedule to go and do it that works for all involved too. I’ve been busy this week already.

More to come, get after your friends and get them involved if Grattan is something you really want to do.