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Kacy Stahl

Hi Marty. I’m not anywhere close to an expert, but i have had similar issues. Here are my experiences and what worked for me:

I seemed to pick up more popping from the exhaust on deceleration and also

-My engine would backfire on deceleration. The cause of this issue was a loose header bolt. I had to helicoil the bolt because it had stripped the threading in the engine head. After that, I didn’t have any more issues

have picked up a small cut out after hard cornering. I have checked the exhaust for air leaks and reset carb float and valve lash. but still a few more than normal popps from exhaust and the miss seemed to just start but not on every lap. I changed the plug and no difference.

– My engine would cutout through tight corners. I thought it was an issue with the engine. I reset my carb float, reset valve lash, etc. But the cut out persisted. The culprit was actually the chassis. My rear width was too narrow, giving the rear too much grip. The excess grip was causing my engine to bog and cutout through the tight corners. The cutout problem was fixed as soon as I widened the rear a bit.

I hope this helps