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Mike Peters

The person to ask is John Klutz at CKI. The pipe/header that will be spech’d is actually an RLV setup made for the X30 in a laydown. It is a close copy of the IAME setup.  At the spec length for the flex which is shorter than for sprints the motor pipe combo makes about 36 hp. I was told this would be a X30 motor only class. Engine rules will mirror the sprint tag rules for the X30 with some changes to make it work for a laydown.  The choice of the X30 only was to keep costs down. The test kart was run for 7 race weekends before a new piston was fitted. The piston still had coating on it & was turning fast times. The bottom end has yet to be rebuilt after roughly 1 1/2 years of testing.  The drivers for the testing were picked from the top road race drivers in the nation.

I bought my motor package new for under $2600.

-Complete engine with electronics minus clutch & no starter

-RLV header, pipe & flex

-Water pump & belts

-1990 Ford Aerostar heater core

– Hegar hub & drive gears

Hope this helps