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Ric mcDade

Ace, I hope I’m understanding the question right. Your looking for how, or maybe where you set your engagement? There are a lot of people a lot smarter than I, but here’s my routine. In the pits, I fire it up, make sure its warm, bump the clutch a couple of times, with the brake on, to get it warmed up, and then let the brake off, and hammer it. I take notice of the RPM engagement, let off the gas, and then while rolling, hammer it again. Again, making a mental note of engagement. Knowing the RPM range I think I want, if for some reason, I am way off, I make the adjustment in the pits, before I ever hit the track. The first lap or two, I am checking temps more than anything. I can feel if the clutch is way off. Then, I pick the hardest/slowest corner on the track, and pay good attention to where my clutch is slipping coming out of it. I always set my clutch in the hardest/slowest corner of the track. Then obviously take it to the pits, and make any necessary adjustments. I’m not sure you can get a perfect reading in the pits, and I think the only true reading you can get, is when you have the kart bound up the most, as in the tightest corner of the track. Can’t say I’m right, but I don’t remember ever seeing anyone do it any different.