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Mike Peters

Thanks Lynn.

I spoke with Scott & Gary yesterday & they confirmed everything you said here. Scott & I raced  GPX200 karts with the SCK crowd 30 years ago.  Ran my first kart race in a very long time at the WKA Grand Nationals at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Strapped an IAME X30 to a CKI laydown Chassis & what a ride that was. I had just finished breaking the motor in & was getting used to the handling of the package when the clutch let go. Millions of love bugs & mosquitos lost there lives in the column of smoke behind me. The yellow jackets where unimpressed.


On a side note: It would be nice if they could increase the gear ratio range down to say 3.2 for the Daytona crowd. The X30 runs around 3.4 & the B Stock crowd are down in the 3.2 range.