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lynn haddock

Absolutely TRUE — not a rumor !! ¬†About two month’s ago I called my old friend Gary Gebhart at Horstman and got him a little stirred up on the idea of building a totally new axle clutch. The initial reception to the idea was a little chilly but after a couple more phone calls, I finally got his ear and now it is well on the way to becoming a reality. My main selling point was to develop a clutch that could serve all of the market needs, from the laydown road race kart with a 1.25″ axle all the way to a sit-up sprinter fitted with a 50mm axle. This of course required an entirely new design because of the much larger axle. Two prototypes are under-way and Daytona is the target to have these on display as well as on the track for the initial testing. The clutch will be an all new 3 disc design with levers designed to accept a wide range of weight combinations. The plan is to cover gear ratio’s in the range of 3.80 up thru about 6.5 to 1. At this time I am not sure of an estimated delivery date for the first production run but I do know there is already a waiting list underway.