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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all,


I’m making progress with WGI, as expected when questions get answered you generally have more questions!!! We are trudging through all that now. It will take a while to get this squared away, if thats even possible. I want to drive the circuit before investing too much time in this and that IS possible in late October…..we are working out just what THAT will involve. ($$$, insurance, etc.)

No weekend dates are likely, not impossible, just not likely. The annual lesees are offered renewal first and that window is open until some time in January 2017. They do not rent in single days, once in a blue moon a single does come available but they go very fast. So, a 2 day would be necessary. BUT, they DO allow bikes (I know right?) and there are plenty of car clubs up that way that already rent WGI so finding support will not be too tough. Weekdays are cheaper, obviously, and it would make a nice little vacation when combined with a few days off following an early week rental!


Pocono is FAR more affordable than I had thought! This is good news!!! After doing more work on it, getting a bike group out there with us may not be necessary. I’m waiting on a package from them now, they have 40 different configurations!!!  Again, that is still coming along.

We have some interest in doing an early October test/track day at Grattan  but currently not enough for me to get on the phone with the track. We need at least 20 for it to be affordable guys, if you are interested leave a note here or hit the email: f-125@hotamil.com

*** Rich and I DO plan to run MIS next week so look us up and let us know if you want to get involved with testing/track days.

Peace! RPM