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Robert Lawson

C’mon Todd!!! You only need ONE of those kidney’s!!!! :)

Besides, that transaction would probably cover all the track days you could do….. with 1 kidney!!!! Hee, hee!!!


Will be back in touch with them next week, they have enough work to finish up with out me banging their phone. Right now, I have concerns/questions about the lease quoting they sent. It is broke down in multiple day pricing, I need to know if single day leasing is available or if multi days are all they offer. At that point I’ll have a better Idea what I’m working with.

Hey, the armco doesn’t concern me at all. We race/raced at places FAR MORE dangerous than this and are still here to talk about it. Although Karting is still just a hobby sport its only as dangerous as you make it.

More to come……