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Robert Lawson

Here is a good video with perfect perspective of that “Special” thing that I’m working on.

They have been very busy up there the last few weeks with Indy Car so detailed discussion is taking some time. I do have a laundry list of what they expect and require.

Next conversation will be about the track surface and getting up there with the kart to cut some laps. The attached video is from 2013, you can see some vibration in the camera and some surface erosion from this pace car mounted view. They had some open dates in October, too late to do anything this year with a group but certianly time for Cher and I to take a little trip and check it out.

So, the question remains…. What would you pay to turn laps at a premier facility like this?

Personally, I’d pay whatever it took. I have been there as a kid, way back when they still had “The Bog” in the infield! I watched some of the greats of karting have big battles there. A few were very vocal about the danger of Watkins Glen and would not support going back there.

Its historic, like IMS I’d just about donate an organ to get out there.


When I get more I’ll pass it on!