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Chris Bany

First you take all the threads posts and comments acumulated over 10 years all the stuff that posters took the time to think about , put into words and create threads or reponses and you throw it all into an archive to die. Then you make all the members sign up all over again. At first the process is clumsy and frustrating. Then you make posting photos a mystery obvisouly it still is to some and it is not the same or as easy as the old forum. Then somehow you make difficult or impossible to copy and paste without turning your post into some that looks like a secret code. So some get frustrated and walk away. Then some that aren’t frustrated get bored from the lack of content and walk away and so begins the death spiral. WAKE UP it’s not social media or the time of year or the economy and people didn’t suddenly decide to stop talking and just read. Who ever decided to make the switch in the manner it was done knowingly or not came up with the perfect formula to kill a forum. Brian