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Connor Tebbe

My criteria includes what classes are offered at the tracks. So, out of the tracks that we race frequently here in the Southeast my ranking would be:

1. GoPro Motorplex – Nice well-managed facility, fully stocked shop on site, and always strong competition. Core classes offered follow current most widely offered classes in US (ie. Briggs 206, IAME Swift, IAME X30, select Yamaha). Only downside might be that although it’s open 12 months, there can be some miserable days in the winter.

2. Carolina Motorsports Park – Nice track, facilities otherwise not quite as nice as GoPro. Track races great though, and is among our favorites. Has historically been a Rotax track, but now offering Briggs and IAME classes as well. Same winter weather issues, and track tends to be slick from the sandy soil.

3. Ocala Gran Prix – Track is nice, and offers great racing on multiple configurations. They have a winter race series and the weather is usually nice year-round. Only downside (unless you live in south florida) is they operate somewhat on an island class-wise (compared to most of the southeast) heavy on Rotax & Rok. In the Rotax heyday it was the place to race if you wanted to race the best.

My .02 :)