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Walt Gifford

You can paint it with 2 part Klass kote no problem (definitely don’t breath that stuff) but I would just get a cheap enamel rattle can from Walmart. Spray very light coats and let it dry about a week.

When you get the seat be aware you will probably have to trim the sides (wings) back maybe an inch. You turn sideways and snap into it like a 9 volt battery.

One problem with the deep seat is it has 2 flat spots left and right where your hip bones touch the sides so it holds you up and out of the bottom of the seat. I though about smashing the sides out with a hammer and re-gluing or layering cloth on the outside and grinding the flats more concave. Tillet is actually more bulbous on the sides of the bottom.

The other problem is the hump in the crotch area is too far back. it’s better than Tillet but still not far enough forward. Haven’t figured a fix for that yet but it’s frustrating when you’re trying to get your butt down as far as you can and the seat won’t let you.

While I’m on a roll, 3rd problem is the seat is ungodly stiff. I don’t know who is working the chop gun but they have a heavy finger. let me know when the special order deep seat lite comes out and please leave the black pigment out of the resin so the sun doesn’t cook us.


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