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Marco Garofalo

Yeah, usually the 90 degree nerf bars started in 05. But that CRG-PTK with the Freeline bodywork was one of the first to use the 90 degree nerfs in 04. My PTK was an 04, but the homlogation tag didn’t say CRG. It also had a slightly different brake system with dual masters and dual calipers for the rear. I put a clone motor on mine and then sold it right away. That was before 206 got big and I was mainly running tag. I thought that chassis was always loose in the rear, so I think it would have been a good 206 kart to get freed up with the low horsepower.

Chad, thanks for the weigh in. Im located in the Denver metro area, which seems to have a pretty active karting community. It did feel a bit loose on one of the tracks with lower grip, but I chalked it up to the old bridgestones. Picked up a set of takeoff Mojo D2’s to see how they work out.

Clutch has the vent holes in it. Speaking to some folks it seemed like not everyone was runing EVO kits yet. The meat of the race season seems over, so I’ll be spending the off time getting it dialed and bringing it up to spec.

Freddy – Thanks for the links to that hardware! Looks cheaper than the full CRG kits I was scoping.