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Robert Lawson

I have had just a couple emails about this. If we are to do it I agree on the earlier date being the best choice.

If weather were to be an issue the other dates would be available. That is assuming the same Sunday of that first weekend was not booked.

Let me look into it a bit more. The Management has claimed the EMT fee’s have gone up, that will be reflected in the lease cost of course. Funny, it went up the same amount I would have paid if we had stayed for the weekend!!!


As I had mentioned before, I continue to speak with other venues. Many are VERY open to a “track day” format.


But, you get what you pay for…for example…. What would you pay to turn laps all day at the Grande Course at say Pocono?

Like this:





There are many different Road Course configurations now, here is a diagram:

Road Course Map


Pocono currently holds car and bike track days.