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Jim Derrig

“From most of the research I’ve been able to find that it’s a little bit of an older kart, not quite vintage but nowhere up to today’s standards”

I hate to rain on your parade, but the kart is pretty much useless except as a toy.  I would call it “ancient” by competition kart standards.  It’s  is so old that it cannot compete in any recognized race series and a careful track might not even let you take it out, at least not if there’s anybody else out there.  You won’t be able to find new parts for it.

Most “deals” like this wind up being bad deals, because the time and cost of getting the thing into decent shape winds up exceeding the price of buying a decent race kart in the first place, and then you’re stuck with a slow, out-dated machine.  Unfortunately, there are all kinds of these things around, usually lurking on Craigslist, because the frames are chrome alloy and don’t rust away.

If you just want something to tool around local alleys and cul-de-sacs at 30 mph, it’ll do.  If you want something track suitable you’ll have to look elsewhere.