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Bryan Furtaw

Please excuse my late reply, thank you immensely for all of the info.

As far as the brakes I can’t move them to the left.

The Kart came with a total of 7 engine blocks I believe most of them are briggs. And it also came fitted with a gasoline briggs 5hp I think the previous owner used it to chase his loose cattle back off of the roadway into the pens. It also came with a 5hp Methanol briggs as well.

From most of the research I’ve been able to find that it’s a little bit of an older kart, not quite vintage but nowhere up to today’s standards. It has Nginetics brakes on the rear no front brakes. And an Appco sprocket hub. I haven’t found any other identifying marks or numbers on the chassis. The chassis itself is red and has chrome bumpers. The nose fairing/bumper is of a sprint style.  I have a crate of parts I want to go through I have found some things that I am not sure of what they are I can take and post some photos of them.

New to the Karting world please excuse my ignorance.