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Kelly Read

I don’t like getn the shaft either (been there done that over my many years in karting) BUT, there are always 2 sides (even more at times) to a story. I’m not here to pick sides as there is no one here or even the people involved that I am BEST friends with!!!!

I took it upon myself to look into this and after talking to several people including reading some texts that went back and forth (including some who have posted on here), there is more to this then what it sounds to be from the original post. Not saying that some things are not right from what I found out but, there is more to the story!!!! Without making some people look bad, I will just leave at that.

I will say that rather it’s myself or whoever, I don’t believe this is the place to discuss things like this here or on any forum (my opinion only). Tell your friends, fellow racers, etc, but here??