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Glenn L Riggs

Have not done a kz10 but have done kz10b and c the cylinders interchange the only difference is the outer o ring is larger an not compatible. Now on those cylinder is a 4 degree piston dome  instead of  6 degree and to go with the difference the insert has been changed, doesnt mean you have to change these to run it.  These newer cylinders do seem to wake up the engine. Timing is the same for the most part. jetting also except it needs to be closer if it is rich seems to be more effected as the 9 b an c dont seem to be as fussy. If using a kz10b cylinder it has holes in the base that should be plugged so as the block doesn`t have holes when using the hose on the side, for whatever reason on the newer engine they went back to the hose on the side. Hope that helps.