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Stu Hayner


The pictures didn’t come through on my end, but my honest opinion is that if you’re new to karting;

1) stay away from anything on CL. It’s more than likely old stuff that needs more work than a new guy like yourself can handle. If the guy selling it spells kart with a C, stay clear.

2) don’t buy a shifter kart as your first kart. Get something simple and less HP. A good LO206, KT100 or an HPV kart is best.

3) find a kart that is from a longtime karter that’s still in the sport. They will help you with problems and you have a good chance that the kart is straight and is – what they say it is.

4) if you believe you’re going to be good and will eventually race, get a late model kart that can easily be changed to an X30 so you can race TAG.

5) don’t buy from CL / did I already mention that?

Good luck!!